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Nitto Apocalypse
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Make Your Own Nitto Hack
Nitto Apocalypse
About Nitto 1320

 What is Nitto Apocalypse?
-Nitto Apocalypse is a program that was cleverly designed by User601. It is a hacked version of Nitto that automatically wins the pro cup for you 42 times in a row. It used to run forever, but it has been patched by the admins. You can also choose your RT, your ET, and your MPH. This works very well on incoming races, for you can see the other players times.

But where can I get Nitto Apocalypse?
-You can download Nitto Apocalypse at many places. You can get it at: or

How do I work Nitto Apocalypse?
-Apocalypse is definitely a “noob-friendly” program. All you have to do is click on race track, type in 42 in the Autowins box, and slick start.

Is Nitto Apocalypse safe?
-Yes, Nitto Apocalypse is 100% safe, I have it myself, and have not had any problems yet. I would bet everything I have in Nitto that User601s version is 100% keylogger free.

But it says hes a keylogger?
-Learn to see the jokes in things. And if you still don’t trust it then use a dummy account.

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