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Make Your Own Nitto Hack
how to use cheat engine
Make Your Own Nitto Hack
Nitto Apocalypse
About Nitto 1320

  How to make your own Nitto 1320 Hack
Written by: I Like Yo Mamma
Compilation of content from VTECin5th, Kanui, User601,
Step One: Getting the programs you need
Xena Xena download
Imperator Imperator download
Flash MX 2004Flash 2004 download
Nitto Starter Nitto Starter download

Step Two: Understanding These Programs
Xena: It will extract and replace the SWF files
Imperator: It will convert the SWF to a flash editable FLA file
Flash: This is what you use to edit the FLA with
Nitto Starter: Needed to open a hacked Nitto
Step Three: Generatoing a Hack
Open Xena, click on "Extrace Files" and select Nitto
It will extract the SWF and the DIR file into the same directory as the Nitto was in
Open Imperator, and click "Select SWF" and select the SWF you just extracted from the Nitto file
Now, click "Save FLA" Note: This will take a while depending on your computer's speed. Allow for 5 - 15min for this
Open Flash MX 2004, go to File > Open, and select the FLA file you just made
Now, do your editing
Once you are done, go to Publish in Flash and publish the SWF file
Then, open Xena, and click on "Extract Files" and select Nitto
Once they are extracted, select the SWF file in Xena, and click on "Replace" and replace the original SWF with the edited one.
Now, put the "NittoStarter.exe" and a regular Nitto into a folder, and create another folder in the folder named "new"
Now put the edited Nitto into the "new" folder.
Run the NittoStarter, and your done!

Other: Programs/Methods

I use this program rather than Flash, since my computer only has 64MB memory. It is not a ASE, and has limited functions, but can still be used to make cheats for less experianced hackers. You do not need the FLA file, only the SWF.