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how to use cheat engine
Make Your Own Nitto Hack
Nitto Apocalypse
About Nitto 1320

Cheat engine  download this program to cheat on nitto1320 go to to check for updates

Instructions:click on settings and hit extra then click on stealth mode (user mode) so that nitto1320 doesent close

1) No Engine Damage

No Engine Damage 
First open nitto and dont log in. 
carEngineDamage you get 26 results 
Right click one of the result and click on Select all items. 
Then press the red arrow. Once all the results get to the bottom, double click all the values. 
Put 000000000000000 in the box. That's 15 zeros. 
Log in nitto. 

2) Boost Cheat: 

Ok, open artmoney ... you all know what to do ... look up "boost" (small b no ""). 
there should be 201 ... 
click on the green .. 
go to #16 .. 
press ctrl + m ... 
press the up arrow once .. 
to the left of the hex there are numbers .. 
on the far right colmn there is a 00 .. 
click on it and change it to 11 ... 
now press ok and log into nitto .. 
put stage 4 turbo on your car and then 
change your ratios to: 
(civic) .860, .701 and the rest .500, then final is 2.822 .. 
dont put any more parts on or you will autofoul and lose your car .. 
these run me 8.10 ... lol .. k then guys .. good luck and call me god 

3) No Email Activation

1 ) Open nitto, fill out all fields for a new account (Provide any email address you want) 
2) Open artmoney from the proccess list choose nitto 
3) In search type "activationCode" with out the "" and this is case sensative. ( Note search value must be set to "Exact Value" and type my be set to "All") 
4) Right click value 23, click memory editor. 
5)Your code will be at the top of this value. 
6) Enter this into the required field and activate account! 
You can try and use the starter cheat with this actavation code, 

4) Get perfect Reaction times. .52 

well heres the glitch well first u go to pro class cup and u go single 
and then u challende the rsx and wait for him to go u onli stage but 
take off or this wont work u stage and when your light goes green dont 
off wait for him to take off n when hes gone u go to race track and 
someone and u can take off without stagin and that wil give u a better 
chance of winning(glitching) plzzz remove this glitch ppl have used it 
on me 
alot of times i now this glitch but i dotn use it because i dont like 
cheat this game is called 1320 challenge its to test ur skills not how 
cheat Thank you

5)Boost Cheat

Here's another boost cheat: 
Search boost 
go to value 14, memory editor 
scroll up once 
you will see "00" in the hex right beside the text 
change "00" to "01" 
login, works for turbo or S/C, use stock gauges 

6) Traffic Cheat

After the search for "traffic" (without the "") right click on one of the values and select all. Then press the red arrow to send them all to the bottom. When they are all at the bottom double click where it says "traffic" and change the value to 0.0000001. Then a question will pop up, click yes, then another will pop up, also click yes. Do this to every vaule. Then log into nitto. It may take a couple tries.

7) Starter car~~ 

Open nitto and cheat engine and dont log in nitto. 
(1)In search type "starter" without the ". 
(2)You will get 5 results add them all below . 
(3)Set value to 0000000 to all 5 of the value 
(4)On nitto dont log in click on i'm new create account and you can see that all the cars are unlocked you can start off with any car.

8) R/T Glitch 

Open Nitto and Cheat Engine. 
(1)Select Process in top right corner click on 
then select 1320v109s. 
(2)for value type it says 4 bytes put "text" 
(3)In Search Type "/red" wituhout the ". 
(4)You will get 5 results right click and click on select all items add them down below. 
(5)on the first value below double clik on the value and set it to "/green" without the " do the same thing to the rest of them after finished log in nitto and you should star to go on the 3rd yellow light you get good RT's 

9) Revlimiter 
Open nitto and Cheat engine dont log in nitto. 
(1)In Search type "revlimiter" without the ". 
(2)You will get 3 results right click on the 3rd value and hit browser this memoery region 
(3)Scroll Down easy till you see 0.00251 set change it to all zeros. 
(4)Scrool Down some more till you see ( w 2500 change it the 2500 to all zeros. 
(5)X out the memoery broweser dont close cheat engine log in nitto and you should run very fast with your cars example if you do 7.9,7.8 without the glitch you would run 7.6,7.7 

Use this cheat with r/t glitch. 

10) Pm members 

Open nitto and cheat engine dont log in nitto. 
(1)After selecting nitto for process in search type "clickable" without the ". 
(2)You will get 8 results select all items add them down below. 
(3)Set all value to 1 
Log in nitto and pm any member you wont 

11) Pm moderators 

Open nitto and cheat engine dont log in nitto. 
(1)After selecting nitto for process in search type "clickable" without the ". 
(2)You will get 8 results select all items add them down below. 
(3)Set all value to 1 
(4)when finished in search type "moderator" without the ". 
(5)You will get one result add it below and set value to 9 blank space " " log in nitto and you can pm mods and admins but the must show badge that way u can pm me.. 

12) modTool 

Open nito and cheat engine dont log in nitto 
(1)After selecting nitto in search type "modTool" without the ". 
(2)You will get one 2 results click on the 2nd result and right click then browser memory region. 
(3)You should see where it says modTool N| 1 simply change the 1 to 0 and X out the memey borweser dont close cheat eninge now log in nitto and go to community you should see mods tools Note you can't ban people its just there to fuck with.. if you try banning people you will get banned for 5 days.

13)Oversize NOS needle

Step 1: Open nitto and cheatengine but dont log in

Step 2: Select 1320v110 as your process

Step 3: Change value type to text and search "nos" without quotes

Step 4: You shuld get alot of results, click on the second one then browse this memory region

Step 5: Click right next to boost needle near the bottom, then click the down arrow 7 times, you shuld see "ing this 0 48.2"

Step 6: Replace 48.2 with 1600

Step 7: Login nitto then do any type of race, and you have a nos needle 3000 times the normal size

14) Need To Update

Step 1: Open up nitto and cheatengine, but dont login nitto

Step 2: Change value type to text, uncheck case sensitive, and search modtool

Step 3: Right click the 4th result, there shuld be 5, browse the memory region

Step 4: Look around until u find Mod Tool | N 1

Step 5: Change 1 to an A

Step 6: Now try to login nitto 

15) Money Cheat

If you race in the lowest cup when u win in it, it will say collect trophey. Dont collect the trohpey. Go straight to the highest cup and keep losing to the first guy. Every time u lose it will give u $1500.

16) Get Your Car To Maximum Horsepower

To get your car to maximum horsepower, you need to uninstall engine and forced induction components, repurchase the other similar components and reinstall them all. This will trick the game, and give u added horsepower. Worked 80% of the time.

17) New Team Glitch 

Hey therez a new glitch its the team glitch when u send a challenge to another team and they decline for a $70,000 race and u go to clear up the decline quickly click some where else and that money wont just clear up it will triple.

18) $1,000 For Doin Nuttin

For this to work you got to race amateur league without losing then when you win the trophey button will show up dont click on it go straight to pro league and every time you race a pro racer you'll not get $250 you'll get $1,000 for winning or losing now thats really easy $$$$$$

19) Clone Your Cars

Ok race ameatuer league win without losing the quickly hold ALT and press 999 then click on the trophey if you did this right your cars should be cloned (MUST HAVE 2 CARS TO DO THIS GLITCH)

20) Send over 99,000

Another glitch is the ability to send for over 99, 999 dollars. For a Flat 100 grand race type in 100e3. The e3 tell it to add 3 zeros at the end. Thats wha am guessing. For 150 grand race, simply put 150e3 and voila, you are racing for 150, 000 dollars. Now go and enjoy my peoples, just make sure you don't lose.


Ok this trick doesnt require cheat engine or any program. First select SINGLE RACE, then select TURBO TOM, Then stage your car, as soon as the lights turn yellow (your light or his light) hit the RACE TRACK tab on the top, then send an online user a race. It will continue from your stage, so it wont ask you to stage, oh and you can leave at the second light, if you wait till it hits green youll auto hit a 1. something rt 


Open Nitto and log in to Nitto. 
Go to the armature league single race against Turbo Tom 
Enter the race but DO NOT STAGE. 

Now open cheatengine and click on the little computer in the left top corner and scroll down and select nitto in the value type box select text and then in the big white box type in prizemoney and press first scan u shuld get 1 result right click on it and browse this memory region.On the bottom half of the page tat shows up scroll up 11 timez and u shuld see 100 change the 100 to 1600 and exit the cheat engine now u can race turbo tom for 1600.


Got Keylogged? - Steps on How to get rid of it!
01. Download KL-Detector v1.0 from DewaSoft.
02. Get a good Virus, Spyware, Trojan, and Keylogger Remover.
03. One of these, that I personally use, is SpyBot Search & Destroy.
04. Download Spybot by Safer-Networking.
05. Keep this program up-to-date.
06. Scan your PC with Spybot atleast every week.
07. This should take care of your keylogger problem.

Copy & Pasting
To "Copy" and "Paste" in the Chat, just select the text and hit CTRL+C, then to paste it hit CTRL+V. *NOTE* this is only temporary, Nitto will probably take it down later. 

Paint Job Symbols & Paint Job Secrets
Four (4) Letter Secret: Just in the space where you put your number for the side of your car put a %. Save it and log off. When you get back on, you will have "esca" on the side of your car. You can change it from there by adding a letter or number to the end of it. %o makes "osca", %3 makes "3sca" and so on. 

The M Secret: To get M on the side of your car just hold down ALT and press 0198 (in order, not all at once) on the number pad. 

All ALT Codes:
ALT-0128 € ALT-0129 ? ALT-0130 ‚ 
ALT-0131 ƒ ALT-0132 „ ALT-0133 … 
ALT-0134 † ALT-0135 ‡ ALT-0136 ˆ 
ALT-0137 ‰ ALT-0138 Š ALT-0139 ‹ 
ALT-0140 Œ ALT-0141 ? ALT-0142 Ž 
ALT-0143 ? ALT-0144 ? ALT-0145 ‘ 
ALT-0146 ’ ALT-0147 “ ALT-0148 ” 
ALT-0149 • ALT-0150 – ALT-0151 — 
ALT-0152 ˜ ALT-0153 ™ ALT-0154 š 
ALT-0155 › ALT-0156 œ ALT-0157 ? 
ALT-0158 ž ALT-0159 Ÿ ALT-0160 
ALT-0161 ALT-0162 ALT-0163  
ALT-0164 ALT-0165 ALT-0166  
ALT-0167 ALT-0168 ALT-0169  
ALT-0170 ALT-0171 ALT-0172  
ALT-0173 ­ ALT-0174 ALT-0175  
ALT-0176 ALT-0177 ALT-0178  
ALT-0179 ALT-0180 ALT-0181  
ALT-0182 ALT-0183 ALT-0184  
ALT-0185 ALT-0186 ALT-0187  
ALT-0188 ALT-0189 ALT-0190  
ALT-0191 ALT-0192 ALT-0193  
ALT-0194 ALT-0195 ALT-0196  
ALT-0197 ALT-0198 ALT-0199  
ALT-0200 ALT-0201 ALT-0202  
ALT-0203 ALT-0204 ALT-0205  
ALT-0206 ALT-0207 ALT-0208  
ALT-0209 ALT-0210 ALT-0211  
ALT-0212 ALT-0213 ALT-0214  
ALT-0215 ALT-0216 ALT-0217  
ALT-0218 ALT-0219 ALT-0220  
ALT-0221 ALT-0222 ALT-0223  
ALT-0224 ALT-0225 ALT-0226  
ALT-0227 ALT-0228 ALT-0229  
ALT-0230 ALT-0231 e ALT-0232  
ALT-0233 ALT-0234 ALT-0235  
ALT-0236 ALT-0237 ALT-0238  
ALT-0239 ALT-0240 ALT-0241  
ALT-0242 ALT-0243 ALT-0244  
ALT-0245 ALT-0246 ALT-0247  
ALT-0248 ALT-0249 ALT-0250  
ALT-0251 ALT-0252 ALT-0253  
ALT-0251 ALT-0255

No email needed for activation
-I believe I made a nice, in detail, post about this earlier.

  1. Open Nitto
  2. Click creat account
  3. Fill in all info as normal
  4. Pick a username easy to remember i.e: nitto1 nitto2 nitto3 nitto4 (you could have a lot of
  5. them
  6. Now get ready to type in your email. (this is the part people have trouble understanding, I
  7. dont know why. It baffles me)
  8. Type ________ anything you want in the blank.
  9. Now create the account,
  10. Go to and type in the exact thing you put in the blank spot above into where they want it(its pretty obvious).

NOTE: May take a minute for code to arrive, so just keep trying or wait.

NOTE: These last steps are just for people like Loopa

  1. Now highlight the activation code and hit ctrl + c
  2. Now go to Nitto and log into the account you just created
  3. Hit ctrl + v in the activation code box
  4. Now go race apocalypse and write this account name down so you don’t forget

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